“domino” is a networking art project; a trip among urban centers of Europe, that shall put people from different creative fields in an artistic dialogue.

The journey will start in May 2015. I will pass over a dozen European cities, where I will meet people who are interested in working with me creatively, and deliver me insights into their methods, techniques and experiences.

Fenia_ProzessI will bring an idea or a piece from the place and the person I’ve seen before. I would like the participants to continue the work, for example by adding something, taking things away, translating the work into a different material or language, by only using some aspect of it, or doing the exact opposite. I will assist during that process, provide material from my “toolbox” and document it by taking pictures.

The basic thought is to enter a dialogue with somebody elses idea. Receiving and passing on knowledge, skills, ideas, views, anything that fits in my brain and my suitcase.

The works will accompany me on my way, whether as originals or digital copies. On the website they will be shown in context. The connections, dialogues and contrasts between the works and the people behind them, will become obvious.

An exhibition in real life is intended as well.

a project of:

Fenia Franz lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig and studies art education at Universität Leipzig since 2012.

Her main focus lies on education, project planning and realization, creative work in the fields painting, drawing, photography and new media.

Contact: fenia_f (at) gmx (dot) de